Implementation of an ED Buprenorphine Program

In 3 urban academic emergency departments (EDs), a onetime incentive for X-waiver training was offered.

Success Rates

Overall, 89% of eligible emergency physicians completed the X-waiver training during the 6-week incentive period.
Buprenorphine prescribing rates increased to 15% (from <1%) during the first 4 months of the program.
This study shows how enthusiastically emergency physicians embraced the opportunity to obtain this certification, which speaks to the shifting national conversation surrounding opioid use disorder," said Sean Foster, MD. "This also gives a 'playbook' to any leaders and administrators who may be looking for ways to get their group trained."
After the incentive, buprenorphine prescribing per OUD encounter increased from 0.5% to 16%.
Data comes from Providing Incentive for Emergency Physician X-Waiver Training: An Evaluation of Program Success and Postintervention Buprenorphine Prescribing