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Medications for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD)

Yes we have effective medications: Read about buprenorphine, methadone and naltrexone.

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Our certified recovery specialists are the special people that make this all work.

Success Stories

Addiction is a family disease. While the Smith family came to Philadelphia to be at their father’s bedside during his final days, securing their brother’s medication for opioid use disorder became a barrier. Our CRS team mended this gap of need; offering much needed peace to a family’s already trying time.


What is an “X Waiver” and who needs one?

An “X waiver” allows a clinician to prescribe the lifesaving medication buprenorphine. A major shift in flexibility for providers to prescribe this live-saving medication will soon be implemented.

Addiction Medicine Interest Group

Are you a medical or nursing student? Do you want to learn more about advocacy?


Narcan is a highly effective antidote to opioid overdose: Learn how to use it!


A new clinical trial in the Penn Presbyterian ED to help start patients on the medication buprenorphine.

Research in the News

Read about our program in our “playbook” for other EDs to start an ED buprenorphine program


For Philadelphians in addiction recovery navigating the pandemic, there are ‘worse things in life than being isolated’

July 2021

Fatal overdoses among Black Philadelphians soared during the pandemic, new data show

April 2021

Opiate Overdoses Spike in Black Philadelphians, But Drop in White Residents Since COVID-19

January 2021
Penn Medicine News

Implementation of an ED Buprenorphine Program

In 3 urban academic emergency departments (EDs), a onetime incentive for X-waiver training was offered.

Success Rates

Overall, 89% of eligible emergency physicians completed the X-waiver training during the 6-week incentive period.
Buprenorphine prescribing rates increased to 15% (from <1%) during the first 4 months of the program.
This study shows how enthusiastically emergency physicians embraced the opportunity to obtain this certification, which speaks to the shifting national conversation surrounding opioid use disorder," said Sean Foster, MD. "This also gives a 'playbook' to any leaders and administrators who may be looking for ways to get their group trained."
After the incentive, buprenorphine prescribing per OUD encounter increased from 0.5% to 16%.
Data comes from Providing Incentive for Emergency Physician X-Waiver Training: An Evaluation of Program Success and Postintervention Buprenorphine Prescribing https://www.annemergmed.com/article/S0196-0644(20)30140-2/pdf