Project Manager

Brittany Salerno, MPH

CAMP Staff

Brittany is the project manager of Emergency Medicine Opioid Use Research. She takes pride in compassionately supporting her patients and navigating them to the best level of care possible in the acute care setting. She has managed clinical research under the Emergency Department-Initiated Buprenorphine and Validation Network Trial which has measured treatment engagement of patients who received the Brixadi 7-day slow release injection. She also manages the Drug Overdose Toxico Surveillance study in partnership with the FDA, collecting bio-specimens and patient interviews on individuals who report to the hospital post-overdose. Brittany is rooted in harm reduction and uses her unique role in the emergency department to advocate for these practices in the clinical care setting. She received her Masters of Public Health from the University of Pennsylvania in December 2022 and also works as a contributing author of Filter Magazine, an online harm reduction magazine.