Substance Use Navigator

Jasmine Barnes

CAMP Staff

Jasmine is an MPH candidate at La Salle University. In addition to her current educational endeavors, she is an intern with the Health Equity Program at MD Anderson Cooper Cancer Center, where she works on projects aimed at reducing breast cancer disparities and improving educational and screening opportunities for black women through community outreach and research. Jasmine has extensive experience working with individuals suffering from severe and persistent mental illness, People Living with HIV (PLWHIV) and individuals with substance use disorders. She is committed to closing equity, achievement, and opportunity gaps within under-resourced communities, as evidenced by her enduring commitment to service and scholarship. She is committed to increasing visibility of the issues people of color who reside in underserved communities face,  developing solutions to address health disparities and reducing death due to preventable diseases. She is an aspiring public health professional who is passionate about creating a more equitable system. In her free time, Jasmine enjoys spending time in nature, reading the latest research on pressing public health issues, spending quality time with family and friends and traveling.